pillar & scroll clock

Mickey Callahan

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Can anyone recommend a source(s) for an 8-day movement along with painted reverse glass panels and dial faces for a pillar & scroll clock (i.e. Eli Terry clock). I'd also like to hear from anyone who has made such a clock. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks.



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Mickey- I get my Willard-type shelf clock movements from Lindow. Don't know how much different your movement might be, but I know there were a lot of movement types.-Al


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Don't know if you're found a movement yet, but here are some thoughts.  P&S clocks almost always had wooden works movements.  If you're trying to be as authentic as possible, you might try looking for one of these.  David Lindow might have some ideas but he makes brass movements.  Don and George Bruno (son and father) specialize in repairing wooden works movements and might be able to help or even have one for you. (ph. # for Don, 860-489-4904).  You might also try local chapter of National Association of Watch and Clock collectors (www.nawcc.org).  They publish a monthly MART that sells things like this.  Also sometimes can be found at a clock auction.

For reverse painting, the person to contact is Tom Moberg, (517) 723-3112.