Pictures of McIntire fruit basket


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In an effort to fly with the eagles and run with the big dogs, I'm going to take some more carving instruction, this time with Mary May. I've confounded, confused, and frustrated several other notable carvers so I thought this time I'd give her a shot at helping me.
The proposed project is a facsimile of the McIntire fruit basket as pictured on the cover of "Samuel McIntire; Carving an American Style" (can be viewed on Amazon). Is anyone aware of any other source of pictures or drawings of this type of work (McIntire's or others)? I need a prototype to work from. I can't draw (neurologically challenged) so I need something I can copy.

Thanks to all.

Howard Steier

The book, American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Late Colonial Period: The Queen anne & Chippendale Style, has many some-what close up photos of carvings and details.  Also, the 10 volume set of American Furniture by I. Sack has many close up details throughout the 10 volumes.  Just don't just your wife see the set or she will have 100's of projects for you to make.

Dennis Bork
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If I were you I would make contact with Phil Lowe. He has done restoration and conservation work on McIntire pieces and has assisted the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA with their McIntire collection.

Happy New Year Howard!

You can watch The Woodwright's Shop episode with Mary May on-line at:
Howard- I've carved a lot of McIntire stuff, along with several fruit baskets. I have a casting of mine full size, about 16 X 6. I probably have your info somewhere, but e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll give you the details on getting one to you.-Al