Photos of federal inlay


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Besides the fine book,"American Furniture  the Federal Period" by Charles Montgomery, Are there any other sources anyone can recommend as a source for identifying federal inlays?
Another good book but be prepared to pay big bucks if you can find a copy is The Work of Many Hands, Card Tables in Federal America 1790-1820" by Benjamin Hewitt

Jim Galvin
I think "John Shaw, Cabinetmaker of Annapolis" does a good job of describing some of the more common Maryland variations on inlay, if that strikes your interest. 
The shaw book is great source. The work of many hands is overrated, the close-ups of the inlays are hand sketchs, and are only so-so ones. The second volume of the furniture of Charleston 1680 - 1820 has lots of high quality pictures of inlays. (

Steve Latta is another good source.