Photographs from MESDA


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Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the mid-year conference in NC this year, but in reading the newsletter I see that MESDA relaxed their restrictions on photography for the SAPFM visit.

Did anyone happen to take interior/exterior photographs of the "W. H. Cabinetmaker" corner cabinet and/or the small Moravian spice cabinet with the inlaid fylfot on the door that they'd be willing to share?  I've an interest in reproducing these pieces, and would very much like to see any detail photos of the construction/joinery aspects.




David, have you contacted the MESDA library directly to see what help they can give you? When I began researching the kneehole desk Carlyle Lynch drew,  I contacted the library and they were very helpful and co-operative in sharing photos and data from their files. I can't locate the lady's name who helped me, but I'm sure that whoever answers the phone can point you to the right person.


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I've not done so yet, but that's a good idea.  Given the iconic nature of these pieces, I'm hoping that someone from Sapfm took a few snapshots. I'm thinking that SAPFM members would probably take photos with a different eye than museum conservators would - that is, how the pieces were constructed. The couple of tours I've taken of MESDA were with docents that were not allowed to open any of the furniture, so the interior configuration is a bit of a mystery. 


I took a couple of pictures of the spice cabinet (assuming that is the small, arched top box).  They aren't very good as the lighting was very poor.  I would be glad to send them to you.