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Furniture Conservation Seminar
Learn About Techniques of Conservation
October 29-30, 2016
Workshop October 31-November 1

There are many people who own antique furniture with a deep sentimental or historic value that want to understand how these pieces should be properly cared for. Occasionally, over-confident owners tackle these projects not knowing they are ruining a piece’s value. Other times, folks leave instabilities untreated out of fear of doing more damage.

The question in these people’s minds is, “How do conservators know what the ‘right’ treatment is for any given piece?” What kinds of guiding ethical standards do they adhere to to ensure they are preserving the historic integrity of the object? What are they specialized techniques they utilize to restore damaged pieces? What’s the difference between ‘restoration’ and ‘conservation’, anyway?

As  contemporary makers of period pieces, some of these lessons help us in our decisions about our own projects.  Just how faithful should we be to historical practices and techniques.

Join Joshua Klein, furniture conservator and maker, as he presents a two day seminar on furniture conservation. By discussing examination techniques, materials used, restorative procedures, and documentation, Joshua will teach the essential points of caring for our objects of our heritage.  The weekend will be a combination of discussion and demonstration of various techniques for appropriate restoration.

On the following Monday and Tuesday Klein will also present conservation in practice.  Each participant of this two day workshop will be able to apply these techniques to their own examples of furniture restoration.  The group will work together in the analysis and decision process on what restoration is appropriate and how best to achieve the desired effect. . In addition to walking through a few case studies from his studio work, he will discuss and demonstrate shellac, hide glue, paraloid-b72, safely manipulating deteriorated finishes, common structural repairs, and inpainting scratches and nicks in old surfaces.  Each participant is invited to bring a project of their own but there will be sufficient other projects if you do not have a family piece you want to bring.

This weekend and optional two day seminar promises to wet your appetite for the vast world of furniture conservation.

Both sessions will be held at Woodcraft on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, GA.

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