Past Sapfm Meeting In CT.


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Hello All,

I will like to thank you all who attended the meeting at CVSW on Feb. 27th.  The turn out was amazing and so gratifying.  I look forward to making this chapter succeed and educational to all. The presetations were amazing and soo informative.  Thanks to the likes of Nick Kotula, Mr. Robert Mussey and Will Neptune. 

Information of the next meeting will follow ASAP.  I am out of the state till the end of the week and will not be able to post anything regarding the meeting till my home arrival.   



John Cashman

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The meeting was fantastic. I believe there were over 100 people in attendance, which is phenomenal. The presentations were great, and I can't see how anything about the day could have been better. I think the reaction from this meeting will really help the chapter going forward.

I can't say enough about the job Fred did in putting this together. He deserves high praise from all of us.

Thanks again,

John Cashman