Parisian Architects Table

Ronald Young said:
Q1:I am planning to make a Architects desk early next year.
Q2: See Fine Woodworking Issue 144, " Thomas Jefferson Writing Desk":  it has a similar support rack for the writing surface.

First thing I thought of when I saw the photos in this thread was Jefferson's writing desk, although I'm not sure how important this is. It may well be that any adjustable top would have to have a similar structure.

Will the desk you plan to build be used for real work or just display? If real work, I think I'd rather have one with the drawer/legs coming out of the side rather than the front.

did you ever make it to the museum and get some pictures of an architects table? I tried direct contact and had no luck...
Sorry I didn't post on this sooner. But I was unable to make it to the PEM while I was in Boston. Unfortunatly work got in the way. And since they were paying I figured that I better go that route.

I didn't make it to John Adams house either. Unfortunatly the two big activities I had planed while I was there didn't come to pass.
a little late to this post as I have been traveling, but here are a few pics of that table at the PEM... Actually the pics are from three different visits and this table is one I always grab a pic of....  pics aren't the best, but if you are looking for a detail on this, I might have it... I had to reduce these in size for posting. 

Also, PEM's notes for the table list it as a "Drawing Table" Ca 1810, Salem Mass, with caving attributed to Samuel McIntire, but no attribution to the Seymours.  If you contact the PEM it is catalogued as piece td2002.4.2



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