Next Meeting!!!!


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Hello Everyone,

I will like to thank everyone who joined us for the last meeting at Phil Lowe's (FIM).  Please understand that this was the first meeting Ron & I have hosted.  We are both striving to satisfy everyones interests and help expand their knowledge in woodworking.  The next meeting will be at Berkshire Veneer in Berkshire MA.  The date of the meeting will be Sat. August 15th.  More info will be emailed to everyone shortly.  Since this is so close to the New York Border we the NE Chapter will be inviting the New York Chapter to join us.  There will be veneers for sale at special discount for the Sapfm members, so please remember your wallets and purses.  Car pooling can and may be assembled for ease of travel.  RSVP dates will follow.    This will be a great meeting for all of us to understand and drool over the process of how veneer is made.  Thanks

Freddy Roman