Newport Shells


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I am making a Goddard secretary and need to find a good resource for the layout of the convex and concave shells. I have templates from Mary May's site but it isn't clear to me how to draw these from scratch to a different scale.
He also has a class that teaches the Goddard style shells and Ball & Claw
I've taken that class from Al (or a similar one over a weekend), and it didn't address the design portion. But Al could of no doubt cover the topic, as could Mary.

I've not built much in the RI style. But I've scaled other shells, and it's mostly a matter of deciding on the number of rays, laying those out with a divider at both perimeters, and then hand-drawing a fair curve between the points. I can't think of why a RI shell would be any different. With a RI shell the tricky (and fun!) part may be to decide and lay-out the design in the center.
The class That I attended was a week, 5 days long. and the one that he lists on his website....we were given templates to work from and carved both shells and B&C foot and the Townsend/Goddard knee.....Al talked about the design process while every body was carving There were 5 of us in the class..