Newport Clock Plans


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In the old forum, I made available to members a complete set of plans for a Newport Tall Case Clock.
I checked in the archives, the link is there to download the plans, but it is not functioning.
Any new member would not know the plans existed. Also I believe there were other plans available to members in the old forum.
Would it be possible to put all the plans that members have submitted in the past and add them to the current forum.  I believe members donating plans is very important to the organization. It takes a great deal of time and energy to make them available.
Thank you.
Ed Stuckey
Hi Ed,

You are correct--drawings have been a popular destination for those who visit this web site.

The possibility of having a better method for making plans accessible at a single page on the site is currently being weighed. Your drawings will be included on any revised plan page. I have a few of my own that would also be added. Stay tuned.

A central spot for plans is a great service.  Maybe a fee for SAPFM could be collected to offset costs of members and general revenue.  For amateurs like myself plans are a great time saver and reference source.  Carl.
Hi Mark,
Thank you for the response. A friend of mine and myself are currently working on a set of plans for a John Townsend Highboy. He got permission from Yale University to measure the Highboy. We are about 75% complete and will make them available to the membership in the near future.