Newport Chest of Drawers


I am a new member and first time user of the forum so I'm not realy sure how this works.  I am looking for a set of plans or dimensional information for a John Townsend Newport chest of drawers.  Specifically I am embarking on a reproduction of the Sarah Slocum peice of 1792.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
There is a picture of this piece on page 115 in the book: John Townsend Newport Cabinetmaker by Heckscher, published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art with the dimensions given as 34 5/8 X 37 3/4 X 20 5/8.  Are you wanting to build an authentic reproduction or just a close look alike? I'm thinking plans are going to be hard to find!  Good luck. John McAlister
My friend Mr. Google found this page from a number of years ago: It references two MMA pieces, a chest ( and a desk ( They have museum-quality overall dimensions (to the millimeter.)

Fine Woodworking's on Making Period Furniture has some scale detail drawings of a block front desk that might be useful.

While taking a couple of classes at Al Breed's shop last summer, his son Sam was working on a Newport four drawer chest. There are a bunch of great pictures of Sam's piece showing some construction details at Al's website,

There is little difference in size between the kneehole desk and the four drawer chest. They are essentially the same design, excepting of course the kneehole. Al sells very detailed plans for the kneehole on his website. I'm pretty sure he might be able to sell plans for the four drawer chest as well, though they aren't listed -- I'm pretty sure another student asked about them after seeing Sam's work in progress.

I'd be willing to bet Al might see this thread and respond, but you could email him. I can recall seeing a lot of photos of this chest in various places, but never any detailed measurements.
We do have the info on the chest, partially drawn up. I'll see what can be put together that will be decipherable-Al
I was looking for detailed info on your "Newport Kneehole Desk" and could not find it, can you please point me to it? 

Thanks everyone for your feedback and I am eager to see the drawings from Al Breed as the sequence of phots on the website were very helpful.  I am looking to make an authentic reproduction so every detail will be important.  Again any information on techniques, tips and lessons learned would be appreciated.  Cheers
Finally started the project.  I have set up some preliminary dimensions based on the forum's advice and other research.  I am having difficulty on finalizing two specific dimensions, 1) the height of the 4 drawers and 2) the width of the blockfronts/shells (I'm estimating slightly less thatn 10").  Can anyone shed some light on these measurements?  Thanks