New Reprints - Moxon, Thorold, Baird, Bryant


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Finally coming up for air after getting my online The UPS feature was a bear. I finally had to put that on hold and opted for a more simplistic shipping prices by weights and destinations which allows for a less expensive form of shipping. All books are POD through Lightning Source, the printer arm of Ingram Books (the largest book company in the US). Delivery is typically 7-14 days. Orders are through my website,, Barnes & Nobles or any bookseller who uses ISBN information. I can't say for certain the book retailers will have the listings in place as it's up to them when they choose to update Books In Print listings.

Books are Trade Paperback, full cover replica covers, creme or white paper. Sizes vary according to the original and the needs of the facsimile.

Here is what there is to start:

Mechanick Exercises: Or The Doctrine Of Handy-Works, by Joseph Moxon: 1703: List price, $22.95 - OUR PRICE, $18.95

Our Workshop, by Temple Thorold: 1866: List price, $17.95, OUR PRICE: $14.95

The Painter, Gilder, and Varnishers' Companion, by Henry Carey Baird: 1850: List price, $17.95, OUR PRICE: $14.95

Working Drawings of Colonial Furniture, by Frederick Bryant: 1922: List price, $14.95, OUR PRICE: $12.95

Coming up will be titles such as Nicholson's Mechanic's Companion, Nicholson's Students Instructor, Martin's Circle of the Mechanical Arts and a large variety of titles from the Manual Arts Press, Bruce Publishing, Evans Bros. Publishing and more. All books are from my personal collection... I never use Google or Internet Archive PDF files as I think that is one of the greatest book scams in current memory. All titles are copyright free or I have approval from the title owner to reprint. All reprints are facsimile reproductions to replicate the look and feel of the original book.

Questions, comments, title suggestions, critiques, etc. welcome.

And soon I'll even get time to work some wood!