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Hello folks

After procrastinating for much too long, I finally remembered to join up. That's the problem with to-do lists... if you don't look at them, they don't get done.

My interest in period furniture and woodworking is largely from the historical side, the textual side and the paper side. I dabble here and there in wood but spend most of my time now-a-days with my head in old books, ephemera and old tools. I may very well know some people here by reputation, by contact in other venues or through blogs, as well as my own blog and websites.

It will take me some time to work my way through the old forum posts here, but already I'm enjoying the read. As well as looking forward to more reading in the future.

Take care
frangallo said:
Welcome to you Gary! What's a lemera?

Sort of a small rodent like creature? Just kidding. Toolemera = tool + ephemera. Such as my primary website for The Toolemera Press. I have no idea if links are allowed in signatures or posts else I would add the link.

Hi Gary,

Welcome to the forum. You've got a very interesting site with all kinds of good stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us. How long have you been collecting?  I've picked up a few woodworker related items on ebay, but nothing too pricey and certainly not of Moxon calibre.

I'm afraid to say I've been pack-ratting for 30 odd years. Which is to say that ever 5 years or so I either send out a bunch of tools to auction, or tailgate them. Books and paper are a different matter. They tend to stay put. I used to sell on an email list but stopped a while back. Which is why 30 boxes of books are taking up space in my basement and need to be sold off.

I unloaded 9 boxes of tools at a recent tailgate at the Donnelly auction in New Hampshire which lessened the load, but there is still too much left for my taste. Hence the pack-rat title.

Years of buying, selling, upgrading and sniffing out sleepers results in a nice library. Luckily for me, most book sellers don't like 'technical' books as they're a hard sell.

The SAPFM is one association I'll have to talk about on my blog soon too.