New from Tony Kubalik: Carving 18th Century Furniture Motifs


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The carved embellishments found on eighteenth-century American furniture pieces are what make them memorable works of art. This book directs the serious student through nine authentic elements from the colonial period.

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I received my copy yesterday; this is an excellent book and for me the chapter on goose neck molding is worth the price by itself.  I've struggled with carving/scraping cross-grain molding (just regular molding, like on a table top) and can see now a methodology that'll work there (to say nothing about making a goose neck molding). I haven't had a chance to begin digesting any of the other chapters but am looking forward to doing so.  For those who have Tony's first book, this one is like that but more details and bigger pictures (and different carving projects of course).
Just received my copy yesterday and agree, it's a great book to learn how to break down a complex shape into simple steps to carve.  I've worked with high school students all my teaching career and know that at that level, pictures are worth a thousand words!  This book is so well illustrated with pictures of each step that I'm going to buy another copy and donate to the H. S. school shop library.

Wish I had this when I made my Newport tea table, it would have saved a lot of carving time on those claw and ball feet!
For those wanting a more detailed discussion on the book, read my article in the most recent P&T e-magazine.

Ken Johnson