Museum permission


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How does one go about asking permission to copy a piece in a museum that doesn't normally do that or at least has not been approached about it. Thanks for any help.

Jeff L Headley

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It mostly depends on the museum (public or private). Each museum and private individuals have different requirements for copies. Some are very helpful and some can not disseminate proprietary information by their bylaws and licensing agreements (which should be respected). There are many options and  other avenues for making a reproduction of certain owned pieces. Are there other pieces available made by the original cabinetmaker or shop which can be copied. Change a primary aspect of the piece. I have always thought that if a museum has the capability to sue you for an EXACT reproduction then you must be doing something to wright about. Change something or try to build the same piece in a parallel universe.


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Some pieces in museums are on loan and you need the permission of the actual owner. Sometimes they can't or won't tell you who that is. Always be polite.