Most SAPFM members should find this interesting


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Those who are attending the conference in January may have already caught wind of this. I was at Williamsburg in early November and visitors to the Cabinetmakers shop were shown a picture of the high chest they were building for the conference. I believe they were just staring construction at that time. I stumbled across this blog the other day:

I don't think I'm alone in saying that this is the kind of stuff that I love to read about. Wouldn't it be great if the Hay's Shop was maintaining a blog on the construction of this piece and the other secrets they discovered? A blog that we could interact with to make comment and ask questions. On one of my visits to the Shop I discussed this with them and to the person they said they would love to be blogging, but as it is they need the blessing of CW to do so. They asked for our help by writing to CW and make our wishes known.

I told this story in another post where I asked if anyone knew how to contact CW, but I yet to see a reply.