Mixing Shellac


I'm starting to use shellac and was rather bummed out to find that you can't get high proof (190) grain alcohol.  I don't care for the fumes from the denatured alcohol I bought at the big box store and my basement shop doesn't offer many ventilation options.  Are there alternatives people are using?
BEHLEN BEHKOL Shellac Solvent (Denatured Alcohol)
- is a good choice. It can often be found at Woodcraft Stores, or at www.shellac.net.
- Dale
Thanks,  I noticed that Woodcraft also carries Klean Strip brand alcholol.  Any experience with the difference between the two?
Drew, I believe you can still find 190 proof in DC.  But I usually don't bother - instead, I buy the Klean Strip "Green" DNA which to my nose have very few denaturants added.  I believe it's nearly the same as 190-proof drinkable (?!) stuff but quite a bit cheaper due to the absence of "sin" tax.