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Marc Gaertner

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There is a Exhibition going on through 1/27/2013 titled Extravagant Inventions, The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens

The website shows details of the elaborate Marquetry as well as the innovative ways that the cabinets opened. Once on the site, make sure to view the 10 video links below showing some of the pieces up close.

Seeing these pieces in person is well worth the trip. They were all built in Europe prior to 1807.

Marc Gaertner

I love the mechanical stuff in the furniture. I probably won't make it to the exhibition. Does anyone know if the book has drawings or pictures of how the locks, spring mechanization, etc. work? That's the most interesting part to me.
The exhibit book has little information on the inner workings of the mechanisms.  However, Appendix 3, "Hidden Technology in Roentgen Furniture", by Daniella Meyer and Hans-Werner Pape, discusses the details of the mechanisms and provides several small-scale photos and small-scale 3D drawings.  They pack a lot into 5 pages.