I recently rec'd a copy--great book--but I have a few questions I hope one or more of you may be able to answer.

(1) How many copies (besides the 150 Deluxe leather) were printed?  (2) any guesses as to how many are still out there??
And finally, (3) does anyone know what the ORIGINAL PRICE was??

I remember the entire store front windows of Scribners Book Shop in Wiliamsburg full of copies when it first came out, but not being able to afford one at the time. Tough being a poor college student. There were lots of books there! Sure wish I had found the money then to buy one.
My last time at Winterthur Museum, about 10 years ago, I saw 3 copies of that book, on sale, at the price of $60.00, and didn't buy one. One of my biggest regrets regarding buying reference books for my library!
I have this book and it is great. However, the photos are b&w (only a few are color) and many are poor quality. The ten volume set of books, "American Furniture" by Israel Sack is, in my opinion, even better with many color photos. I use it so much I bought a second set because the first set was getting worn out.

Dennis Bork
Thanks very much to all of you for replying; you added interesting and helpful information.

(I, too, waited many years for this book: it was a gift from my wife on our 50th.)
There are 2 copies on ebay.  A leather bound copy for $1600 and a regular copy for $1500.  Fred, you should have grabbed all 3 copies back then!
I purchased my copy when it was first printed.  It was $100.00.  For me, at that time, it was a huge sacrifice.  However, it has allowed me to corroborate my belief that two pieces of furniture that I have been involved with were fakes and to sell a chair to the Met.  NEVER, EVER, UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF A BOOK OR THE ABILITY TO READ, UNDERSTAND, AND USE IT.  PSP
Jeff Saylor said:
There are 2 copies on ebay.  A leather bound copy for $1600 and a regular copy for $1500.  Fred, you should have grabbed all 3 copies back then!

I know, I know. One of my greatest book-regrets, and my wife even encouraged me to pick up a copy, but we were putting our daughter through college, at that time, and we were on a tight budget.
I bought my copy back in the mid 80's at the Winterthur gift shop and paid $100 for it. Thought I was crazy to spend that much.
It is certainly one of my favorites today; I'm surprised at how often now I'll go to it to check something or other; or to refresh my memory.  It would have to be close to the top of my favorite book list along with Jeff Greene's American Furniture of the 18th Century though my first bible; Andy Marlow's Fine Furniture for the Amateur Craftsman (Cabinetmaker?)stays near the top of that list!
John McAlister