Massachusetts Shelf Clock Plans

Ronnie Young

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I am researching my next project, a Massachusetts Shelf Clock. I have Al Breed’s drawing but I also noted that back in the 2004 issue of the Journal there was an article on construction of such a clock by Rob Millard. At the end of the article Rob offered both a drawing and a DVD of the clock. I have tried several times to get in touch with Rob via his email address with no luck in hopes of obtaining his drawing. Has anyone ever obtained a copy of his clock drawing or know how to get in touch with Rob. Thanks for any help in obtaining plans for Massachusetts Shelf Clocks from any other source. 

Mark Maleski

I can’t help with contacting Rob Millard, but also have Al Breeds drawing and intend to build a copy of the clock. My wife won’t buy tools for me anymore as gifts - says I already have everything and she is right - so now I ask for plans. I got the plans for Christmas this year (well, last year now).

If you haven’t seen this website, Ive found interior photos of period shelf clocks available here: