Masonic Image


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Yesterday I was scrolling thru a book I have; "Guide to American Antique Furniture by Robert Bishop".On page 83 there is a photo of a Chippendale armchair.It is made of mahoganywood(LOL)and ash.This chair was made in Charleston SC around 1770.In the crest rail there is an inlay of the symbol of the Masonic Order.looks good to me.My question is this;  The masons have a symbol, so do we as furniture cabinet makers have some symbolic image, or is the shell and its variations what we have? I would like to build a chair that is similar and put the symbol of furniture makers on the crest rail.Then we are going to pass this chair around each year as a sort of cartoush award for the year here in Peach State land.Any thoughts out there?
The symbol you speak of is for the Masonic order and not for a guild of stone or brick masons. I am sure you could find some guild symbols or create you own. The "sunrise" chair in Independence hall comes to mind, just substitute a rising peach, maybe something like Venus stepping out of a shell holding out a peach. sounds like a fun idea, good luck
yeah yesterday after posting I really started to think and just realized or assumed that the masons probably represent all sorts not just the masons as you pointed out.I have to admit the compass and square sure do fit all sorts of skills.Good idea about Venus holding the peach.I can see it.