Marquetry by Pierre Ramond - BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL SHRINK WRAP - $100 + $5 S&H

I have acquired a small cache of brand new, in-the-original-shrink-wrap copies of the "bible" of marquetry, "Marquetry" by Pierre Ramond. This book has been out of print for many years, and is the 2002 edition published by the J. Getty Museum. The book is in English (originally written in French and translated). If you are interested, the cost is $100 plus $5 for media mail shipping and packaging. Please contact me at [email protected]. I prefer payment by PayPal.
No, this is not "Masterpieces of Marquetry". This is the book that preceded that 3-volume set (which listed at $300 when published) and this book has a different focus, with much more information on what the various forms of marquetry are, the techniques used, the equipment/machines used (like the chevalet), and so on. It even contains plans for building the equipment, including a chevalet (which I am gathering parts for to build one for myself). This book is different from the 3-volume set in that it not only has information on the history of marquetry, photos of famous works, etc. but it also serves as a how-to guide for someone interested in doing this themselves, or at least wants to know how it was done. The three volume set (which I also own) is more of an art book for the collector or curator, showing famous historical pieces of marquetry, with minimal details about technique, etc.

For those who are interested, I recently had the good fortune to participate in a class at Marc Adams that was taught by Patrick Edwards (recent SAPFM Cartouche recipient), who is not only the best known traditional marquetry practitioner in North America but also an expert and highly credentialed antique furniture restorer, and I highly recommend his class. I found it to be very interesting and a heck of a lot of fun. He also offers the same classes at his studio in San Diego. This book is the only item that he recommends in preparation for his classes, which led me to finding this small cache of books.