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I've been thinking about adding a label to a piece which is nearing completion.  I read on another topic that Al Breed mentioned placing a label over a defect and I decided that now would be a good time to jump into this topic.  Does anybody out there put labels on there pieces.  How do you make them?  I toyed with the ideas  of purchasing some old books to use the blank pages (I couldn't bring myself to do it). I've also thought about have some labels hand printed or doing it on the computer.

Looking forward to hearing some other ideas.


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I carve my name and date on each piece and then add a label.  For the label I use postcard stock parchment (color) paper.  I stain/color the label (both sides to minimize curling) with water base aniline dye then run it thru my printer with my info that I made up.  You can buy old fashion 18th century fonts from  To help protect the label I stray on blonde shellac from a can.  If you don't do this the ink and stain can smear.  Use hide glue, hot or cold set, to attach.  Elmer's white glue can curl the paper.

Dennis Bork
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Chuck Bender

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I use parchment that has been printed professionally with my company name and logo on it. I then sign and date the labels at the completion of the project.

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If you want your name to follow your work through time,and refinishing,brand your work.Branding irons can be made with logos or most anything else you may need.  I have seem those guys with the strip tanks not think or care about labels and dissolve history away.I've changed my brand twice in 30yrs,some day you can date my work by the brand. I'm working on a new design now, for the next 15yrs.  Randy


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