Major Antique Tool Sale Jan 21-22 Richmond VA Area


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The Richmond Antique Tool Society (RATS) annual Tool sale is next weekend, Sat and Sun. This event brings tool dealers in from Maine to NC. It is one of the best tool events in the Mid-Atlantic, especially for users, as well as collectors. The tool sale is smack in the middle of the antique show which includes furniture, civil war stuff, books, and everything else usually found here in Ol' Virginny which makes it appealing to a broad audience. It is just a few miles from the Richmond Airport.

Details are at . There is a small entrance fee and a discount coupon on the site.

I am downsizing and will be selling some of my best planes, books, back saws, chisels and anything else I can load up. Mention SAPFM and I will probably give you a sweet discount. If possible, I will post a picture of the event before it opens so you can see it.