Maine Coast Workshop 2022 class line-up: period furniture and carving


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  Hey folks,

  The 2022 class schedule is now posted at the Maine Coast Workshop site.  Maine Coast Workshop | Woodworking School   
  Once again, we are featuring SAPFM Cartouche Award winners as instructors.  Classes average 5 days (Mon-Fri) and run May through October in beautiful Camden, Maine.  Accommodations fill really early in Camden, so if you are taking a class you'll need to book a place soon as you can.

    Al Breed - July: Newport carving July (the Lie-Nielson Open House is the weekend before - Maine Coast Workshop will be exhibiting and I'll be doing a Bellamy eagle carving demo.  It's a really fun event)
    Mike Pekovich - May:  using and sharpening all your hand tools
    Alex Grabovetskiy - June: Classical carving;
                  & August: Carving in the Grinling Gibbons style
    David Douyard - September: Shaker ladderback chair
    Shawn Murphy - October: Fanback Windsor chair

  In addition, if there is enough interest, I will be teaching a classic Bellamy eagle carving class.  We'll cover gold leaf gilding as well. Bellamy Eagles | William Francis Brown | Line And Berry |Camden, Maine