Lost Arts Exposition Invitation; Re: The Bolton Fair (Lancaster, MA)


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The Lost Arts Collaborative of North America (www.LostArtsNA.org) has invited all SAPFM members, who are located in the New England region, to attend the Lost Arts Exposition at this year's Bolton Fair to sell your products as well as to demonstrate your craftsmanship. We believe that SAPFM is an organization that needs additional public exposure in our area of New England. We'd like your help with this.

Here's the details.

My name is Phil Wilson and I am the Executive Director of an emerging non-profit corporation, The Lost Arts Collaborative of North America, Inc. We are based in Harvard, MA. We can be reached at 1(978)456-8253.

Here’s a brief overview on the event that we’d like you to feature you at...

• Event Title: The Bolton Fair http://www.boltonfair.org/

(You can download the application form from this site as well as other information re: tent rentals or see our attachments to this e-mail)

• Our area within the Bolton Fair: “The Lost Arts Exposition”

• Dates: August 9th – 11th

• Location: The Fairgrounds at Lancaster, Lancaster, MA

The Fairgrounds at Lancaster is a fabulous 53 acre site that is the home of The Bolton Fair.

Here are the details:

Our goal is to create a Lost Arts exposition within The Bolton Fair that will help organizations like yours, as well as ourselves, to increase our visibility and notoriety within the Bolton Fair’s 3 day event. Historically, The Bolton Fair organization already has a strong track record supporting lost and endangered arts. But now we want to help them take this area of public interest to the next level through a coordinated “fair within a fair” that has a strong connection to our cultural heritage.

Our question to you is whether you might consider exploring this event? If you would, then we can help you to not only explore The Lost Arts Expo as a “fair within a fair” as well as to reserve your booth space and explore your rental tent needs as soon as you are able to react.

Please let me know when you might be able to discuss this event and whether we could help you to get registered for this August event.


Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson,
Executive Director

EIN #45-4026098

Located at Captain Pollard’s Flintlock Farm site

An authentic Colonial New England Plantation (1782)

Phone: 1(978)456-8253

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web Site: www.LostArtsNA.org

Mail To:

P.O. Box 152
Still River, MA 01467-0152

Physical Address:
327 Still River Road / Route #110
Still River, MA 01467