Looking for Samuel Humphrey, author "Thomas Elfe Cabinetmaker"


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There was a recent thread about cabinetmaker Thomas Elfe and the book about him was mentioned. I believe somebody said that the author, Samuel Humphrey, no longer resided in Charleston N.C. Does anyone know of his where-abouts? I'm interested in contacting him.

Howard Steier

A resident of this retirement community where I live was a college roommate of Sam Humphret's wife and they have kept in close touch all these many years. Through her I met Sam and his wife and spent a day in Charleston with him about 7 years ago.  He was good enough to lend me full size drawings of the pierced apron for the Rutledge Family Breakfast Table.

The Humphreys moved from Charleston S. C. to Cincinatti several years ago but he and his wife Peggy now are in an assisted living community. He has Alzheimers and cannot effectively communicate now and she has rather advanced Parkinsons Disease. Sad situation. Wish I had better news of him for you. John McAlister