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I’m looking for some hardware for a piece that I’m building. It’s a reproduction of an 18th century chest of drawers, currently in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The original came from Quebec, but the museum tells me the hardware is reproduction. It is more or less Louis XV. Pictures of the escutcheons and drop handles attached.

I have tried all the usual sources, including Horton Brasses, Ball & Ball, Whitechapel etc. A company in England, Marshall Brass, appears to make the escutcheons. But I have been unable to match the handles, although there are similar ones available.

While I am looking into the possibility of having a mould made of one of the handles, the fact that these are reproductions make me think that there might be copies around somewhere. So, any help greatly appreciated.


John Borley


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you could try here
They are a wholesaler but there is always a way. Good Luck
Thanks Mike. Rather than try to deal with a wholesaler, I checked out the websites of all the retail dealers they list. None of them carry anything like these items.

Since the hardware on the original museum piece is not original, I am probably just going to go with something period appropriate.

John Borley