Looking for a set of Federal Period Bed-Bolt Covers


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I have a client that is looking for a set of 4 bed bolt covers for her Federal Period bed. She want's something fancier than the usual plain covers. Attached is a pic of some covers that inspired her to ask me to help her find some.

They don't have to look like the ones in the attached picture. I think her criteria is:

-Not plain. But they don't have to be as fancy as the ones in the attached pic, either.

-True period is preferred. She tells me that the period bolt covers are pressed, not cast. She is willing to purchase a good repro, if they are pressed not cast.

In the past I've purchased covers from Londonderry (we miss you Nancy!), etc... But those were all cast.

Does anyone have a set of covers for sale or have suggestions on where I can look ?




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Try Ball & Ball, http://www.ballandball-us.com/index.html. Item # I28-508, bed bolt cover. I've used it several times. It is a stamped item, not cast. I cannot find it on their web site but it is showed in their catalog.

Their web site is really poor. It has been that way for over 10 years. They never improve it. But, they do have good items.

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I've purchased bed bolt covers from Horton Brass in the past. They were not as fancy as those pictured but they were all stamped. I've always ordered them without a lacquer coating and let them age naturally.

Nancy was the US distributor for Optimum Brasses in the UK. You can purchase bolt covers directly from Optimum here: http://optimumbrasses.co.uk/product-category/miscellaneous/bed-bolt-covers/