Looking for a newport style ball and claw casting


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A friend has  one made by Al Breed but so far I can not find one for sale.I guess Mr Breed doesn't sell them anymore.Any suggestions.I thought about going up to NH and just take a class but it is a long way and well you know its winter and I'm lazy and its a long damn drive.LOL
I think that Mary's ball and claw casting is in the Philadelphia style.  Although it is a great casting if you are not specifically looking for one specifically in the Newport style.

Thanks Phil and Dennis .Marys are the Philadelphia style.I'm looking specifically for the Newport style.I like the claws.GRRRRR
Al Breed does indeed have them. I don't see them in his store, but that might just mean that he's temporarily out of stock. If you wrote to him, I would bet he could help you out.

The one he sells (that I have) is a Goddard-style foot. See if you can get him to make a casting of a Townsend-style while you are at it.
I went on Al Breed's web site and searched and searched and could never find a way to contact him short of starting a blog post which I don't want to do any suggestions?