Looking for 16/4 hard maple


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The title says it all. I'm looking for 16/4 hard maple. Does anyone know of a supplier? I bought all of Irion's and everywhere else I've tried doesn't have any.


Tim, what are you doing with 16/4?  Have you tried Hearne Hardwoods?  Did you talk with Brian at Lakeshore?  If your still in need there is a guy in Watertown that may have some.



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Its difficult to get much of any species of wood over 12/4 these days. Sadly the workers in kilns are drying the lumber to quick and internal checking is a huge issue.  This is why 16/4 is hard to find.  You are better off finding a sawyer and buy air dried.



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Thanks for the leads I've still been unable to find any at a reasonable price. My list of suppliers that I have called is at 141. Only one person had any in stock and they wanted $30 a bf.

I have spoke with a couple of lumber yards and found a few that have some cut. But they won't put it in the kiln until after it's had a about a year to air dry (they want it below a certain MC to avoid internal stress cracks), so I'm looking at next next summer before I can get any.

I use it to make wooden vise screws. Even though laminated 8/4 material works just as well, people won't buy it because that's not what Chris Schwarz used. They want the exact same size and length etc.


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If you can get the material green and rough turn it to size it will dry faster. Paint the end grain with sealer to avoid cracks. The head portion can dry a bit out of round and it won't matter and the screw is probably closer to 2 1/2 inches so much less wood to dry out.