Lone Star Chapter Meeting - Oct 18


We are planning a day of hands-on woodworking, much of it with hand tools, but also a few power tools.  We will be cutting joints, dovetails, veneering, work with shellac.   Frank Strazza from the Heritage School of Woodworking is planning on being there to do some demonstrations.   It will be a good time to ask questions if you do not see an example of where your interests lie during the day.  The weather is supposed to cool down, so it should be a great day.

If you have any tools that you would like to sell, please bring them along.

We are scheduled for Saturday, October 18 at Steve Procter's shop.  We plan to start at 10 am and go until mid-afternoon.   The address can be reached in the following member only location:
scroll down until you see Steve's name.


The get together was highly enjoyable.  Fred demonstrated French polish techniques using panty hose, Jim demonstrated making moldings from his new set of Bickford hand planes and finally Mark demonstrated making string inlays with Lie-Nielsen specialized tools.  Experience and ideas were shared by all.

Steve gave a grand tour of his home which has many features from Mount Pleasant, an historic mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The tour completed with the first 10 minutes of Top Gun showing all the grand features of Steve's elaborate and elegant home theater room.  (You enter through a secret passage).

Many thanks to Jim for the pulled pork BBQ.  Great lunch!