login difference on forum and main page


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Mark and all,
I fear that it is going to cause some confusion that there are 2 logins required to use the site. I have to log on to the forum and I have to register for a new login on the main page. If nothing else maybe a note of explanation on the login pages would help. Will the two be consolidated at some point?

The forum is open to everyone--SAPFM members and non-members alike. The SAPFM Member Area is a benefit of membership in SAPFM; hence the two logins. You can register for the member area using the same username and password that you use for the forum, but they have to be logged into separately.

Even if the SAPFM Executive Council were to decide that the forum become a member-only benefit, the forum would require its own login. The forum is a stand-alone piece of software that it is distinct from the pages of the SAPFM website. All the website pages link to it for convenience but, as its own program, it requires its own login, so the logins for the two features are not consolidated.
Mark, I assumed that might be the case but it could be a bit confusing for some. Maybe a note some place.