Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event


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Mark your calendars; Kent Adkins will be hosting a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, May 13-14 in St. Louis.

As with other L-N events there will be several other great tool makers there including:,

For more information visit

As if all that weren't enough, the venue for the event is Kent Adkins personal shop.  For those of you who were unable to attend the Fall 2010 Gateway Regional Meeting, which was also at Kent's Shop you may want to pick a copy February 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine or watch the slide show at:

For those of you who read the drama that followed the story, but haven't been fortunate enough to have met Kent or visited his shop, let me take this opportunity to speak frankly.  Kent was a generous, gracious and accommodating host.  Although I met him only briefly, I found him to be an all around nice guy and an excellent woodworker.  For obvious reasons, Kent was hesitant to open his shop and life to a large group of strangers.  I'd like to think that the attendees of the Gateway Fall 2010 meeting were gracious guests and in some small way encouraged Kent to continue to share his shop and life with all of us.  I was terribly disappointed, however, when I read the cowardly, jealous and petty potshots taken in the comments section of the Popular Woodworking website.  Hopefully, the L-N event will draw out only the best of us and the best in us.
Gerald, I'm thinking about attending on Friday, I'll have to see how things go. Should be interesting tho.