Lee Valley small plow plane


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Does anyone own and have any comments on the Lee Valley "small plow plane?"
I have a Stanley 45 and the smaller Record 44 that I use for cutting rabbets. They don't  cut rabbets well, the skates seem warped, out of parallel and out of plane.
For a hand tool user like myself, does the Lee Valley plow plane work well?

Howard Steier
    I also have a stanley 45, but hardly use it ...to much time spent setting up and getting to work as one would expect. I do no have the problem about the skate not lineing up or out of parallel. I see lee valley does have a 30 day return policy if not satisfied, might be worth the try. Then post the results or your opinion.
   Also --I do not see any "nickers"or "spurs" on the plane, I know they are mainly used for cross grain but they also help define the groove when plowing with the grain. Instead of the "spurs" you can use a marking/cutting gauge to insribe the two edges then use the plow plane to cut the groove/dado between.
I see this is not recent, but I do not see a reply answering your question.

Anyway, there is a woodworker in Australia, Derek Cohen, that has an article on that plane (and comparing it to the Record 044 & 043 -  and an 043 like plane by another company).

His website is http://inthewoodshop.com/. Once there go to "Tool Reviews" and the Veritas Small PLow Plane" is the first review.

If you already have an answer, then just ignore this.
I have been using mine for two years and absolutely love it!  I did add a wood fence to it and that really makes it work great.  I think it is the best product of its kind on the market today. 
I have been using the Lee Valley small plow plane for about a year and really like it.  Right now Lee Valley is offering free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.  They offer a right and left hand unit.

Jim Vojcek