knife box plans

paul rulli

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i am hoping to find plans or rough dimensions for a George III knife box. It seems that few of them are being made, and I think that a pair would be an interesting project.
      I have been looking for knife box plans for a long time. I found rough pictures in Wallace NUtting's "Furniture Treasury" volume III, page 122. This is the only George III picture of this high order I have seen. I have years worth old "Antiques Magazine" but cannot find a index. I'm sure at some point the magazine must have done an article on them. I'll keep looking, if I find something I'll let you know.

Paul and Joseph,

Check out volume 4 of American Period Furniture. Steve Lash has a 15-page article on the construction of a pair of knife boxes that he made.

The publication is available through the SAPFM web site.