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Hello All,

I would like to express a little fustrated & concern that I have with the interaction of the member renewal process.  I was recently informed by another member that I was not a active member of the society do to the lack of dues paid.  Due to being inactive I can't be the President of the New England Chapter. Well, I thought I paid my renewal dues, but I can't recall.  What I think the Society needs to understand is that we as people have a lot on our mind and on our plate. It would  be nice to recieve an email to inform members that we need to pay our dues. Since being informed about  my membership I went forth and renewed the membership through Paypal option offered.  Now, I know that I am member now do to the money being withdrawled from my account.  Yet again it would be nice to recieve an email informing me that my membership has been renewed.  I understand this takes time, but this process must get done.  I have spoken to alot of members last few weeks and they all agree with me about the situation.  So since I care for the Society I thought I would inform you all.  So lets all work together and keep the Society growing. Thanks for your time.  Any input would be appreciated.


Freddy Roman
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Your post provides an opportunity for us to let members know how important it is that they keep SAPFM informed of address changes. That's the best way a member can guarantee consistant communication from the organization and uninterrupted receipt of SAPFM publications.

Billing notices were sent in October 2008 and February 2009  to all members whose memberships had expired or were expiring at those times. You were included in both of those mailings, but didn't receive the notices (we know now) because we were (unknowingly) mailing them to your old address, and the post office did not return the undeliverable pieces to us. We learned of your current address only when you renewed April 14.

Since your renewal on April 14, your membership was processed within the two week period posted on the web site, and a renewal packet sent to you first class at the new address you provided. You should have received it by now, but we have learned that mailings take a few days longer to get to New England from Ohio than mail shipped to other parts of the country. We have checked into this before at our post office and were told that processing times vary once mail has reached its destination post office; something over which we have no control,in spite of mailing all member packets first class.

SAPFM is charged $.42 per returned newsletter and charged $4 for every journal that is returned. When mail is returned to us, we contact the member (if we have a current phone number and/or email) to verify address information and we resend it. Remembering to include SAPFM on the list of people you notify when you move helps save the organization money and helps to keep members informed.

As announced in the Winter 2009 newsletter, SAPFM has begun and will continue to send billing notices to members as their renewal date approaches. At this time, renewal notices are sent by mail rather than email.

At present, the best way to notify us of address and email changes is to send an email to [email protected], or to leave a voice mail message at 740-965-9618. Later this year, members will have the opportunity to update their contact information online in the soon-to-be released Member Area of the SAPFM web site.

Mark  & Margaret Arnold