Kalamazoo Tool Meet

Jim Crammond

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For a number of years, I have hosted a tool meet at Tillers International in Kalamazoo, Mi.  This is held in conjunction with Mid-West Tool Collector's Association.  The meet will take place on July 12.  It is basically a swap meet focused mainly on woodworking hand tools.  Usually there are 10-15 guys set up selling stuff, a blacksmithing demonstration and several displays.  Let me know if you would like additional information.

Jim Crammond

I am still trying to get to one of these.  Questions:

1) Times of the Meet on that Sasturday, 12 July
2) Is there an admission charge?



I think I have your e-mail address, I will forward you the meeting announcement.  It starts at a 8 AM and lunch is usually around 11:30.  There is a fee for meeting registration but we could probably waive that if you are not interested in lunch.

This is a great meet to attend. Unfortunately, I've missed the last couple of years but I will be there this year!