July 31st Sapfm Meeting Wrap-up


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We had a great meeting on July 31st in Overland Park.  Attendance was great, we had 28 in all.  Thanks for all who made the effort to show.  I don?t think the East Coast folks understand how few and far between we are out in the Midwest!

We started things off with excellent show and tell, as is usually for the Gateway Chapter.  Then me moved into an excellent program by Joel  Ficke on the Benjamin Randolph Easy Chair.  As David DeMuzio said, it?s a really nice chair!

Next Mark Carr wowed everyone with his account of finding, and eventually recovering the Thomas Claggett clock made in Newport with case by John Goddard.  The most important thing was that after the long saga, Mark was able to have the clock reinstalled at its rightful place in the Carr Homestead in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

The last presentation was by Tony Kubalak who went in detail on carving a Ball and Claw foot, carving a Newport Shell, and lastly, discussion on carving a Philadelphia Cartouche.  Tony brought numerous examples of his carving elements that are pictured in his book.  Amazing work.

Finally, many were able to stay around and get to know each other and continue the discussions for several hours, with some Kansas City Barbecue.
I would like to give special thanks to:

    Bill and Pam Pogson, who organized the lunches for everyone.
    David Roth, who provided the coffee and a huge general hand during the entire day.
    Steve Roxberg, who cooked the meat for the bbq.
    Mac Dressler (actually Mrs. Dressler) for the baked beans.

And most importantly, to Joel Ficke and Tony Kubalak who gave up their weekend at considerable expense to come down and share their wealth of knowledge with us down in KC.

Now it?s up to Gerald and Wayne on the other side of the Chapter to put together a better meeting next time in St. Louis!


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Some additional pictures.....


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Last couple of pictures.....


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