Journal Date of Publication???


When I joined this Society I also ordered all the excellent past existing Journals still in print. When is the next publicatgion going to be sent to members?

I received my APF Journal today.  Wow, In my opinion it is exquisite!  One more reason for me to be a very proud member of SAPFM.

Thanks Mark & Margaret! Thanks also to all of the contributors for the fine articles.

Kent Ryan
Greetings All,

Yes, American Period Furniture Volume VI has been printed. It was mailed Monday via First Class mail so they should be delivered before Christmas.

Many thanks to the authors who contributed an article this year. They are responsible for making the journal such an enlightening and enriching benefit of membership in this organization.

Please contact us with your idea for an article in next year's American Period Furniture at [email protected].

Don't forget to renew your membership or to join SAPFM now if you are not a member. (

Best regards,

Hard to believe, but this journal is getting better every year.

Hats off to the entire publication staff, contributors and editor.

It is a pleasure to be associated with an organization that consistently raises the bar on the quality of its published  material, forums and conferences and members.   

As SAPFM has grown, it has gotten smarter and better.  More people are stepping up and making contributions that help the entire effort grow and prosper.

Thanks again to the executive council for their leadership, to all the volunteers and to the contributors for making this yet another great journal. 


All I can do is add my heartfelt congratulations and thanks to all involved in the organization and the journal.  It is outstanding by any measure.

Stephen Gaal