jointer dust

john previti

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Hi folks,
  I have a question about chips and dust from my 8"jointer.  I just changed knives to some that are about 5/8" wide.  The ones I pulled out are about 1/2" wide.  I had to move the beds up to give room for knives to rotate.  The problem is that when I am using it the dust does not want to drop out of the chute to the floor.  It seems to develop static cling.  I have not had this problem on this machine before.  Gravity always worked most of the time.  I did just replace the motor with a 2 hp from a 1.  I think the chips are smaller because the knives are out further.  Should I try running a grounding wire to the frame?  The motor is grounded through the cord.  The wood was poplar.  Or should I break down and hook up my dust collector to the damn thing.  I was hoping to avoid messing  with the collector.  I like a dust pan and brush and then right to the stove.
John Previti
Is the motor the same rpm as before? I had a similar situation when I routed a table edge with a spiral bit. The shavings stuck to me until I felt like I had been tarred and feathered. I think your chips are just thinner than before. Try a heavier cut or faster feed.

Try using other woods.  I also have noticed that poplar will sometimes have static cling when using my planar.  Other woods do not.

Dennis Bork
thanks for the ideas.  I have not been back on it yet.  I will try the variations.  Bigger cut and feed.  Or some other wood and get back to you folks.