Joint Tightness and Glue


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At the 2024 Working Wood in the 18th Century conference, some questions were posed by the audience regarding joint tightness and glue. Certainly timeless questions. In response, two useful references are cited below that will give testing results and recommendations:
  • Tips for Stronger Tenons; Fine Woodworking, January/February 2017 by Dan Bollock - Purdue University
  • Your Glue?; Fine Woodworking, July/August 2007 by Mark Schofield - managing editor. Testing was conducted at Case Western Reserve University
In addition, W. Patrick Edwards (2014 Cartouche recipient) provides two articles on period glue worth reading/study:
  • Understanding Traditional Protein Wood Glues; Spring, 2015
  • Why Not Period Glue? - SAPFM Journal; November, 2001
Both of these articles can be found on his website.