Joinery for small drawer divider


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I'm working on a set of plans for this small writing table and trying to determine how the vertical divider between the two top drawers would be fastened. I'm thinking a blind sliding dovetail in the bottom horizontal divider (?).  But there is no top divider, the drawers are located directly under the table top. Would the vertical divider have been tenoned into the table top?


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It looks like the top 2 drawers are very shallow. I would run the divider the height of the drawers and then from front to back. The divider can then be fastened to the runner that supports the inside 2 sides of the 2 drawers. Either this divider or the runner can be tennoned into the back board. I hope this makes sense.

Dennis Bork
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Yes, the two drawers are very shallow; only 1-1/4" high. So you think the runner would be one piece wide enough to accommodate both drawers tenoned into the case. The vertical divider would be full depth and attached to the runner (with a couple of screws?) and simply extend out over the horizontal divider unattached.
That sounds like a much simpler solution than I had envisioned.