In Plain Sight

Peter Storey Pentz

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Merry Christmas to all.

I received a copy of In Plain Sight Discovering the Furniture of Nathaniel Gould today.  I have only looked at all the pictures so far, but, just based on that I think this book is one of the "must haves" for your library.  PSP
Agreed, it's a wonderful book.  The text is very well done as well.   Really a great snapshot of the times.
        --Wm. Brown

  Addendum:  For furniture makers, there is very little in the way of construction details.  It is not a book of how to do anything, but more a historical study of Gould and his times.  That said, there are beautiful photos of his furniture, and even some rear and underside views.

The book is nice, the photos are nice. There are a handful to close ups of construction details and a few small illustrations. There is a section dedicated to each form and discusses construction in there as well. Overall, I would say I felt the book could have included more discussion of construction. But, you know what? I don't think the target reader was furniture makers anyway. Not everyone in the world in fascinated by joinery analysis. (I still can't figure out why not!) All that said, the power of a reference library is in its numbers. This one should definitely be added to your shelf before it sells out and is going for $100 on the used market.
Thanks for the detailed info on the content of the book. I think I will make the purchase, it sounds well worth the expense.

PSP, thanks for the information. I've just purchased this book and am looking forward to receiving it.