I need a contact at Williamsburg to measure a piece


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I am looking for permission to measure a piece of furniture at Williamsburg.  Would anyone know of someone I could contact?
The piece is at the Governor's Palace. It was not made by The Hay Shop nor have I seen one anyway else.  It is simple a tri-foot music stand used by the musicians for there concerts. I would like to photo and measure the piece and make it for my brother (a musician) as a gift for his graduation next spring.
I will be in Williamsburg the first week of December.  Thanks for any help.
Tara Chicirda is the furniture conservator at Colonial Williamsburg. She helped me with a similar issue in the past. I can't find her email address, but I suspect a call to CW asking for her phone # or email would get you started in the right direction

Howard Steier
I am fairly sure I recall a post by George Wilson on the Sawmillcreek forum about making those music stands back when he worked at CW.  IIRC they made dozens of them and, if you're familiar with George's postings, he had some colorful observation about making them :).  George maintains an active presence on Sawmillcreek so you may want to ask him thru there in addition to reaching to Tara.
Howard and Mark, thank you for you input. I connected with Tara C. at CW. She was very accommodating. Bruce Leonard was also helpful. I have an appointment set up in December to measure the piece.  I will also see out George Wilson at Sawmill creek. This forum actually works. Thanks, gentlemen. Rolly Rhodes
Mark, I found that post that George Wilson made concerning the music stand. You have a great memory - he made that post in 2010!  The photo he attached are of the very ones that I am wanting to make.  I entered that thread in hopes that he can give some assistance.
Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated. Rolly Rhodes
Thanks to being connected to other SAPFM members and this forum I was encouraged to contact the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to gain access to a period piece I was seeking to reproduce. I was privileged to measure and photograph an English music stand circa 1750. Being a SAPFM member gave me credibility (I believe) with the CW Foundation curator, Tara Chicirda, who was so accommodating and knowledgable. After measuring the music stand she took my wife and I into the warehouse to photo and study a John Townsend Newport Block Front Chest with the carved shells. Wow, the carving was exquisite.
I was proud and pleased to be a SAPFM member.
I especially want to thank fellow SAPFM memeber Bruce Leonard who has given generously his knowledge and expertise in my pursuit of period furniture skills.