How to remove venner


How to remove old veneer from a box that the veneer was damaged by sanding the banding around a paternea.
I have built 5 tea caddies decorated with banding and a paterneas .On the last box, I damaged the veneer by sanding through it showing the white pine secondary wood.
I have a vague idea how to use heat and moisture to loosen the veneer. But I need some guidance how to do it.
  • I used hot hide glue.I reached out to Patrick Edwards and he told me to moisten 4 or 5 layers of paper towel, place on the veneer and leave overnight. Since I live in a dry climate( my workshop has a humidity of 25%) I covered the wet paper towels with plastic wrap. The next day Patrick told me to cover the veneer with aluminum foil and heat with a household iron. I did and the moist heat caused the hide glue to release and the veneer pealed off. I thoroughly dried the area and left it to dry. Later I reapplied a new veneer .  It all worked perfectly.