How to Cross Band Veneer Strips

I am going to inlay a border of veneer into a solid table top.  I want to cross band the veneer for the border to increase its thickness and add some strength.  My question is how to do this?  Should I pre-cut slightly oversize pieces, use white glue, and press it up like I do for bandings -or- cross band two larger pieces of veneer and cut into strips after it has dried?  The larger pieces will almost certainly curl.  When you glue larger pieces of veneer together is the proper technique to mist the dry sides with water to control the curl?  Is white glue the proper glue for this application?  Thanks for your help.

Lonnie Edwards

Both options you mentioned works.  I prefer thick veneer, like 1/16" or thicker. I don't recommend modern  commercial veneer thickness.  If all you have is commercial veneer than I would make the cross banding from the solid.  I would glue them with what ever glue you feel comfortable, but I highly recommend old brown glue hide glue.  I would say since its cross banding there is really isn't any concern of curl.  There is no need to mist. I would spread the glue put the veneer down and tape it in place pulling from the edge of the top towards the rabbet for the veneer. This will ensure tightness.  Any glue would work, but I prefer hot hide glue for this for its quick set and easy clean up. There isn't any concern for bleed through either.  If you want to talk about it more over the phone you can call me as well. My phone # is 860-670-2584. I will try to pick up if I hear the phone.  If I don't pick up I usually call back in 15 mins or so.  Emailing is another great option. But keep the questions coming.