How do you remove hot hide glue residue from the bottom of an iron?

David Conley

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At various SAPFM meetings, we have been shown how an iron can be used to help flatten and repair veneers.

I use a clothes iron that has a nice “Ultraglide Plus” bottom. It does a great job at gliding across the veneer. But, it quickly builds up a burnt hide glue residue on the bottom of the iron. My question is how do you quickly remove this residue with the least about of work? I have been using A wet paper towel on the hot iron. But it takes forever to clean the bottom.

Thanks in advance!!
Two things. First, know what the temperature your iron is set for. I didn't check when I first starting using it. It was on the Linen setting. My infrared temperature gun read a scorching hot, 380 deg F. I have since found the iron's lowest setting of 160 deg F and that has greatly reduce the amount of build up on the iron.

Second, a little water and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleans the crude off the bottom.