How do I check my current membership status?


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I haven't received the 2018 journal yet and was trying to check my current membership status to see if I missed a year.

I am able to log in to the members only section. But can't find anything showing my current standing. I am pretty sure I renewed for 2019, but can't find my current standing.

Is this possible to check online? If not how do I find out?
If you can log in to member-only then your membership is up to date.  If you can log in, then you can check your expiration date by searching the member directory for your name.  The information which results gives your expiration date.

If you are who I think you are, then your membership is current through a date in Jan 2020. However, this date alone does not necessarily imply that you were current as of 31 October 2018 (but it is likely that you were).

However in my role I happen to have received a copy of the mailing list sent to the printer, and you were indeed on the list, with the address shown in your profile. I did not receive my copy until 13 Dec. I am not sure if all copies are mailed by the printer on the same day, and the December mails can be slow. And rarely, despite our improved mail wrapper, some get destroyed in the mail. I would say that if you have not received it by 28 Dec, then send an email jointly to Bob Lang (editor) and Dave Coker (Membership) (addresses on website under about SAPFM, Board/Committees).  They can then check on status and have another copy mailed to you if necessary. We apologize for the delay, as the intent of our early December mailing is that members can enjoy their copies over the holidays.

Dale Ausherman, President SAPFM