Horn veneer restoration needed in the NYC area


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the SAPFM. I joined to ask for some advice and guidance.

I recently had some of my parents' furniture shipped from Florida to New York City, where I live. On the way north, the movers did significant damage to the horn veneer desk my father had used for twenty years. They broke all four legs and did damage to the top of the desk as well.

I'm told this isn't a repair job, but a restoration job. I've gotten two estimates -- one from Atlantique Furniture on Long Island, and the other from DF Conservation in Brooklyn -- and I'd like to get a couple more.

Does anyone know a furniture restorer in the NYC area who might have some expertise in horn veneer? Thanks for any suggestions you can share.
you could also contact Tad or Randy at Fallon & Wilkinson. They are in Baltic CT. close, not too far